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The Iraqi Microfinance Awards 2011

Bright Future Foundation

In Recognition of its Cooperation and Support in Organizing the Annual Microfinance Conference 2011

Al Bashaer / Al Thiqa
Transparency in Financial Management and Operations

The Iraqi Microfinance Awards 2010

The Iraqi Microfinance Awards was launched at the USAID-Tijara Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders’ Conference 2010 to celebrate those who have contributed innovative and original work within the Iraqi microfinance industry.

The Iraqi Microfinance Awards 2010 recognize MFIs that have gone above and beyond, and demonstrated noteworthy leadership in the following categories: Leadership in Innovation – Technology and Product, Governance Systems, Depth of Outreach to the Poor, Depth of Outreach to Women.

Iraq Microfinance Industry Conference Celebrates Innovative Loan Products

USAID-Tijara’s Inclusive Financial Services Stakeholders’ Conference began with a pledge to provide greater financial services to people living below Iraq’s poverty line of $2.20 a day and ended with a celebration of innovative loan products that have created or sustained 203,500 jobs since 2003.


BAGHDAD - Leaders of 12 Iraqi Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) assembled in Baghdad recently for the inaugural meeting of the Iraqi Microfinance Industry Network. The main item on the agenda was the signing of a Code of Conduct & Ethics that mandates ethical behavior and a commitment to low-income Iraqis.

Iraqi Microfinance Industry Opens 100th Branch Office

BAGHDAD, June 9, 2010 - Iraq’s rapidly growing microfinance industry reached a major milestone this month when the Al-Tadhamun (TDMN) microfinance organization opened its third branch office in the Northern Province of Ninawa. The opening brings the total number of microfinance branches and satellite offices across Iraq to 100 and underscores the success Iraq’s MFI sector has achieved in its drive to provide wider access to inclusive, quality financial services across the country.